Classic tax consulting

In our classic tax consulting, we handle our clients’ payroll and financial accounting and compile annual statements and tax returns.

In the process, we offer our clients services which provide them with additional benefits beyond fulfilling their obligations under commercial and fiscal law:

We enable you to quickly compare actual figures with jointly developed plan figures and industry values – on a weekly basis, for instance. The assessments directly assist entrepreneurs with corporate management and control.

We facilitate prompt bookkeeping by scanning documents and running them through optical character recognition software instead of sending them. Bank turnover is automatically transferred electronically. This allows our clients to access their documents online at any time and saves them the trouble of managing their documents on their own. It also gives them an overview of all liabilities and accounts payable which are open at the moment and allows them to conduct bank transfers using the data we provide.

We have developed a special document folder for income tax returns. The goal here is to minimize effort for our clients. Tax-related documents are deposited directly into the folder upon receipt over the calendar year. All our clients have to do is hand us the filled folder at the end of the year.